Dr. Rick Adams

Rick Adams is a talented National & Local conference Speaker, Psychology Professor and Licensed Psychotherapist. For more than twenty-two (22) years, he has worked in the Counseling Arena. As a Clinician he began as a Senior Clinical Therapist for Orange County Government Youth & Family Services. Since that time, he has moved upward has served as a Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director and Executive Clinical Director. Dr. is presently the President and CEO of MindWay International, LLC a consulting firm that seeks to assist, educate, and empower organizations through consulting and psychoeducational seminars, as well as, training symposiums. He currently practices as a Licensed Psychotherapist, specializing in Individual, Family & Marriage Therapy. In addition, he serves as a Clinical Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Health Science. Dr. Adams seeks to provide advanced knowledge and wisdom in the area of the mind and human behavior. He utilizes his GOD given abilities, to encourage, edify, and empower individuals to reach and fulfill their true potential.
Credential(s): Dr. Adams is a Licensed Psychotherapist in the area of Mental Health and a Certified Clinician in the areas of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Addictions, Domestic Violence and Forensic Counseling. In addition, he is a Supreme Court Family Mediator and a Qualified Supervisor for the disciplines of Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health and Social Work. He holds a PhD. in Clinical Christian Counseling (Psychology) and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling Psychology. He is married to his “wife for life” Teresa and together, they have three children and two grandchildren.