sarturaSartura Shuman-Smith is a Tampa, Florida native and Hampton University graduate. Her professional career has been focused on education but she has a love for Philanthropy and community service.

In 1992, Sartura began working for PBS-Television/WEDU where she served as the Director of Education & Outreach for over 22 years.

In 2008, Sartura’s life took a turn…a new marriage, a sudden job loss, a major illness, a near foreclosure!
Having to regroup and readjust – she had to rethink her life, AND HER PURPOSE. Relying on her personal life experiences, her professional background and her faith and trust in God, Sartura stepped out on faith and started her own education consulting business – JAS Consulting.

With her unique speaking style-which she likes to call “Edu-tainment” (educating through humor!), Sartura has been blessed to have reached audiences all over the country with the gift that God gave her. The ability to educate, empower and enlighten. Her passion is working with single mothers and their children.