Often times when life falls apart for women, we become paralyzed, discouraged or even hopeless. WOW Legacy Group created Fall into Fabulous (FIF) as a social safety net for women to regain self-esteem, self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Life tools are provided to equip women with the ability to hit the reset button. Instead of falling apart, women Fall into Fabulous! 

“Before the program, me and my three teenage children were living in a small, two-bedroom trailer with electrical issues and no doors to our bedrooms. Now, we are living in a fabulous three-bedroom apartment … with doors that can actually open and close! As a Fall into Fabulous participant, I learned that we all have bumps in the road that we must overcome, but that we are not alone. This home is such a blessing and I am overjoyed and grateful.” Ashley

“You all may never really know how much of an impact that you have made in my life with this program. This journey has made me look at my life through a different lens. A lens of new beginnings and commitment of a better, stronger, confident, healthier, happier me! I know that my daughters will also benefit from my experiences because they will get lessons from mom on how we are fearless, fierce and always fabulous!” – Neshia