Secily Wilson
FAB Founder

Secily Wilson does it again! She’s a woman with a lot of compassion mixed with head-to-fashion. Secily stands tall in her stilettos as she walks with “Fearless Intent” creating an environment of strength and courage. Being blessed to be an award winning broadcast journalist, she’s passionate about using her voice for making a difference in the lives of women who are faced with adverse situations that may have left them questioning their identity, value or purpose.

She’s opening her heart encouraging women to be strong and courageous, to seek opportunities that best fit their purpose. Secily knows firsthand, “As women we ALL go through a life changing experience that can knock us down. It’s up to us to find the strength to get back up”. She uses her personal transition to show women, that it’s how you recover that matters most. Her relatable, transparent and infectious personality gives her the ability to connect. Secily proudly holds the title of Mrs. Florida 1999 and always enjoys celebrating life with a party. She secretly devours butter pecan ice cream and red velvet cake. Secily enjoys traveling and siting by the ocean for a quiet time to reflect. Her greatest accomplishment is being mommy to her two daughters, Chrissy and Nicole! Simply put, she loves all things fabulous! Through faith, courage and compassion, “Fall into Fabulous” was born.

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