When life seems to fall apart…
We Fall into Fabulous!

Fall into Fabulous

Fall into Fabulous empowerment program, is a “social safety net” for women facing life adversity. Our WOW mission is to empower, educate, inspire and transform lives. Participants commit to completing a series of empowerment sessions, over the course of 6 months, covering six (6) specialized, curriculum based subject areas. Sessions include: Health & Wellness; Financial Literacy; Continuing Education; Career Enhancement/Entrepreneurship; Community Service; Personal Branding. All are critical to creating lasting, positive changes for women; mind, body and spirit.

The WOW team helps develop the potential inside each woman. Each program participant defines their vision, then together they set a path to accomplish that vision. The WOW team helps each participant recognize skill sets they’ve forgoWen how to utilize or didn’t know they had. The goal is to transform the lives of women, by empowering them to see their true potential and set them on a path of personal, professional, mental, physical success and stability. THAT is how you Fall into Fabulous!

  • Fall into Fabulous was an awesome encouraging reminder that our beauty comes within. The best part of the function was it provided daycare for all the mothers there while we got to have some fun and relax. They had something for everybody. I being a tomboy had a lot of fun learning how to do the makeup tricks like the professionals do. We learned how to do the catwalk which was amazingly funny in all aspects. We even got to pick out some jewelry and some clothes to wear on outings and on Interviews. I actually still have all my things from that day and I got my first job wearing one of the outfits that I got at Fall into Fabulous.

    Christina-FAB Participant 2013
  • I’ve attended the Fall into Fabulous event, as a guest in 2013 and 2014. I’ve witnessed the participant’s overall transformation. Yes of course, there is the obvious change in cosmetics, hair styles, and clothing. However, I’m always most impressed when I see the impact this day of glamor has on the self-esteem of the participants. I’ve watched these groups of women, who often feel defeated by the experience of life blossom as they walk down the runway motivated and resilient. Fall into Fabulous is more than just a day of beauty, it’s a ray of hope.

    Community Partner – Surviving Daughters, Inc.
    Fetima Braxton, MSW Executive Director
  • What I enjoyed the most was the fashion tips lady who taught me how to create colors and gave me tips about lace bras. I also enjoyed the lady who showed me how to walk smoothly in stilettos with a smile even though I hadn’t walked in heels in two years. She reminded me that I was beautiful and there’s nothing to worry about. This day has brought me more motivation to put time in with my appearance.

    Miriam-Harbor House
    Miriam-Harbor House FAB Participant 2014
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