Welcome to WOW Legacy Group, Inc.

WOW Legacy Group, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit entity with a mission to Empower, Educate, Inspire and Transform the lives of women and children.

WOW Legacy’s purpose is to address the needs of women, children and families affected by unexpected life adversities through the Fall into Fabulous Empowerment Program and a Back-to-School Backpack Scavenger Hunt. WOW Legacy provides the necessary tools and community resources to assist in becoming resilient, self-confident, fearless and empowered to change life circumstances. Our vision is to see lives transformed, children inspired and families strengthened. That is what we call the “WOW Factor”!


Our mission is to empower, educate, inspire and transform the lives of women and children.

My prayer has been answered
and I'm keeping my promise.

I’m driven by passion which, fortunately, allows me to merge and overlap my professional and personal focus onto areas that are important to me. WOW Legacy Group and our Fall into Fabulous empowerment program was birthed from my personal experience of overcoming difficult challenges. WOW Legacy is truly an extension of one of my favorite quotes: “In order to find yourself, you must lose yourself in the service of others”. Ghandi

Secily Wilson